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Christianity is simple: love God and love your neighbor. We make things more complicated as a way to distract ourselves from the fact that even though our religion is simple, loving others (especially our enemies) is hard work and we suck at it. How do you practice loving others?

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The Amish are onto something...

I just spent the last couple days in Lancaster, PA celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary with my amazing wife, Becca. We spent a lot of time with the Amish today, and a surprising realization has hit both of us: they’re onto something. There’s a negative kajillion percent chance of us becoming Amish, but throughout the day, we joked about joining an Amish order in a partly-serious way. What we were really processing, is that their way of life doesn’t seem so crazy at all.

As a couple who has been trying to emphasize simplicity and minimalism in our lives, rooted in Jesus, we have a lot in common with the Amish. I appreciate the lifestyle they have intentionally cultivated for themselves built around shared beliefs and focusing on the things that matter most: God, family. simplicity, and community.

All these things are awesome and I love what the Amish have created there.

You know what else I love though? Air conditioning. Seriously ya’ll, I’m just hot. All the time.

God has been stirring something in our hearts lately around the idea of intentional community as Christians. What if the early church was actually onto something? What if small communities of like-minded people, rooted in love of God and love of neighbor and anchored in simplicy and minimalism actually lived as the early church did?