Enchantment Ink Collecting Guides

If you knew my father, Norm Platnick, from the spider world, one of the things you may not have known about him was that his love of research and taxonomy extended to other areas as well. My father was an avid collector of turn of the century illustrated artwork. He actually wrote 27 books about these illustrators to function as field guides and references. He put painstaking research into all of these books and even did all the printing and binding himself to make sure that the color photos looked great. Every single page in his books were individual Microsoft Publisher files, so the amount of time it took to print a single book was monumental. Truly, it was a labor of love.

Shortly after his death, I wanted to help make sure his legacy continued in the collector space. I tried to honor his memory by making PDF copies of every single one of his books and putting them on the Internet, for free. A huge shout out to Cognidox for open sourcing OfficeToPDF, which made this process relatively easy.

You can see more about my father’s work in illustrated artwork at his website, Enchantment Ink