I had the chance to be interviewed by Brandon from Humans of New York, one of my favorite spots on the Internet, about my relationship with my dad as part of the Quarantine Stories series. Check it out!

I’m really happy with how the story turned out, but no one story can encapsulate my dad. He was a wonderful father and I was an incredibly lucky son.

I’ve been working with the American Arachnological Association and I’m happy to announce that the GoFundMe that I started will be going towards the Norman Platnick Award for Arachnid Biodiversity Research. The Norman Platnick Award for Arachnid Biodiversity Research is given for outstanding student oral or poster presentations of research that progresses understanding of arachnid biodiversity through work in systematics, taxonomy, biogeography, or other biodiversity assessments. If you feel moved to donate, you can do so here.

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